Fusing the best of German craftsmanship, local sustainability, and contemporary design, since 2009 Honolulu Furniture Company creates heirloom-quality pieces that embrace the natural beauty of Hawaiian raw materials and other woods while showcasing the artistry of our European aesthetic.





Each heirloom quality piece is made specifically for you in our personalized process. 




We love working with architects, interior designers, home staging companies, and any other professionals who truly value the look and feel of high quality, custom furniture.



Our collection pieces are our signature designs; tried and true, their standard sizing makes them perfect for any home.



“When I am making a piece of furniture, it’s not just about arriving at the end result...a chair or a table or whatever the case may be; I see a connection to the Earth, notice the sensory smell of wood, take direction from the detail of the grain of a 150-year-old tree. Allowing our raw materials to take center stage without overusing adornments or details, we traditionally begin with unrefined local woods. Once you commission any one of our quality pieces, we begin the process of lovingly handcrafting each one down to the very last detail. Our ultimate vision is to see our work passed down through the generations, keeping the excitement alive through the decades, thoughtfully imbued with our characteristic aloha spirit.”


Thorben Wuttke

Principal Designer and Owner of Honolulu Furniture Company