We had a very awesome experience working with Thorben at Honolulu Furniture Company.  We worked with him to build a custom desk, and we are so happy with the outcome - it is a special and unique piece that we will have for the rest of our lives.  We had in mind a rough idea of what we wanted, came to the shop and spoke with Thorben about how we might make it work, and got his input.  He came up with some great and flexible ideas, and gave some good thought about how it might work best now and in the future.  It was better than anything we had thought of, and it was so good to work collaboratively to come up with something that exactly fit our needs.  We especially chose to work with Honolulu Furniture Company because they will work with local and recycled/repurposed wood.  We really wanted something that was old and could be turned into a new piece, so asked that the desk be made from recycled wood.  They are experts at woodworking, and they care about the environment and the concept of no waste.  It is fabulous, and we recommend Thorben and Honolulu Furniture Company 100%!!!


Fine Craftsmanship Design and Quality all in one place.


For Quality & Superior Craftsmanship look no further......We are so happy and thankful for our beautiful new dining table! Pictures can't show the real workmanship and beauty of our Monkeypod Table. We can't recommend Honolulu Furniture Company enough! Can't wait to get our chairs next! 

About a year ago Thorben made my husband and I a custom monkeypod bed. The posted photo doesn't do it justice, it's one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture I've ever seen. We've had a year to sleep on it and take it apart several times for various reasons, the craftsmanship is unparalleled. It's a piece of furniture that will follow us through life. Thank you so much!

— M.G.

Very very happy with our new table.
Thorben was very easy to work with & designed a beautiful piece to keep for many years to come.  Highly recommend
Honolulu Furniture Company!

— A.A.


Thorben is a true master at what he does. he built us the exact dining room table we envisioned. his knowledge, craftsmanship, and experience shined through in every interaction we had with him. his professionalism, promptness, and customer service was excellent. finding someone like him who truly takes pride in what he does and truly loves what he does is rare. he is a local gem that we hope to work with again in the future!

— M.M.

Thorben is an artist.  With minimal instruction for the design, but very precise dimensions, he crafted a rustic shelving unit, a solid barn table, and two separate benches customized to different lengths when butted against each other, form a beautiful, functional corner bench with the option of separating them should the need arise.  We are extremely happy with our investment, the quality of work, the quick turn around time, the communication, and the overall experience.  From an extremely satisfied customer (and his family), thank you sincerely.